21st-22nd March

London 2020

Frequently asked Questions:

How do I book a place?
Please email wimbledonzen [at] gmail [dot] com and you will be sent full details on how to book.
I don’t know if I can make it yet. Can you hold a slot open for me without me actually booking?
Sorry no. We expect this event to be incredibly popular and we have a limited number of spaces available due to the size of the venue. Therefore the only way to be fair is to prioritise people who want to actually commit to the events by booking a place.
What will happen once the spaces are all booked?
Once the event is sold out (which we think will happen quickly) we will run a cancellation waiting list.
What happens if I book and then subsequently have to cancel my place?
If you cancel, we will refund your money provided we are able to fill the space with someone from the waiting list.
What happens if I book and the event gets cancelled for some reason?
If we have to cancel the event, you will get your money returned.
How much does it cost to book a place?
It is £65 for each event or a reduced rate of £120 if you book both events.
Do I need to bring zafu, zabutan, meditation benches etc?
Yes please. We simply don’t have enough cushions or benches for everyone, so please bring your own sitting equipment. If you don’t want to - or would rather sit in a chair - there will be lots of suitable chairs that you can use.
I practice in a Zen sangha in the UK. Could Okumura Roshi also visit our group whilst he is in the country?
Sorry no. Okumura Roshi is in the UK for a short period and the trip has been specifically planned to allow him enough time for the events and to factor in sufficient rest etc.
I will be travelling a distance to attend. Can you tell me about suitable hotels, car parks etc?
Yes. As part of the booking process we will send you details of local hotels and places to park.
Where does the money go?
Like all of the Wimbledon Zen events, this is a not for profit venture. However, to put on an event like this is expensive. Venues, hotels and international flights are not cheap. Okumura Roshi has not asked for any fee to teach and has instead requested for a small donation to be made to his Sanshin Zen Community to help keep it running.
I still have a question, how do I get in touch?
Please email us at wimbledonzen [at] gmail [dot] com.